CONNECT 2019 was a HUGE success! We once again set a record with member attendance. 

Thank you to everyone that taught a session this year, we couldn't do it without you.

SAVE THE DATE! CONNECT 2020 - August 23-25, Sheraton – Dallas, TX

What is CONNECT?

CONNECT is where P21WWUG members come together from all across the world to learn, socialize & make connections with each other.    CONNECT is an annual event organized by your Prophet 21 World Wide User Group board. CONNECT attendees have the opportunity to attend classes taught by fellow members, Epicor, third-party solution providers, and guest speakers.

Attendees need to be employed by companies who are members of the P21 World Wide User Group. Cost is minimal; see http://www.p21ww.org/ for more info.

Who should attend?

    • Your Key P21 Go-to
    • IT and Others Who Support P21
    • Accounting
    • Business Owners, Management, Business Operations

Why attend?

    • Share "Real World" P21 Experiences
    • Expert and User-Led Sessions
    • Roundtable Discussions on Issues
    • Ask Questions of Epicor Product Development
    • Visit with Vendors of Complementary Products
    • Multiple Opportunities to Talk to Other P21 Companies and Share Information

Hear from our Members - What can you expect at CONNECT?

  • I was very impressed with my first CONNECT.  Very well organized.  A great value overall.  Nice job!
  • I enjoyed all of the classes that I attended. Being completely new to P21, this conference helped me learn even more about P21.
  • Good classes offered along with informed speakers and subsequent discussions.
  • I really liked the sessions offered at this conference.  The organization of the conference was fantastic.
  • My favorite part is networking and interacting with other users.  I enjoy learning about how they utilize the system.
  • My favorite part of CONNECT - Meeting all the other p21 users.  Everyone was friendly, and everyone was helping each other.  Loved the conference!!
  • I enjoy talking with other people and hearing issues they have and trying to help out or get ideas.
  • The combination of it all; educational, networking and fun. You guys do a great job every year. Looking forward to next year!
  • A well polished and executed event. A great networking opportunity, along with the ability to learn more about P21 and it's applications.
  • With this being just for P21, it is very easy to network and ask questions of people who have been there or people who are just like you and just now learning P21.
  • There are always certain things that stand out like the social events or learning the one thing that made the trip worthwhile, but the consistent thing is being with hundreds of other P21 users that all can relate to the same business challenges and goals - networking is key.
  • I love that WWUG is about learning, not selling us products - and that everyone there is a P21 user.  There is plenty of access to knowledge and shared experience - and the instructors are great.     I liked the hotel and location also.  WWUG always does a really nice job.

CONNECT 2019 Statistics - Who was there?

CONNECT History - Look at how we've grown!